Monday, May 28, 2012

Proposal Presentations

Here are a few important points about the proposal presentations. These are to ensure the smooth running of the presentation schedule.

  • Each student has been allocated a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • The 20 minutes will cover the presentation and the discussion/questions time.
  • You will have a maximum of 12 minutes for your presentation. So practice to make sure you can say all that you want to say in the 12 minutes.
  • You will be given feedback at the end. The feedback will fall into one of three outcomes. 1. Yes you can proceed to start your dissertation. 2. make the following changes by next week and you can proceed. 3. Your proposal & project idea is not ready yet. Keep developing it and you might be able to start in Sept.
  • Please turn up 10 minutes early and wait outside the room. We will come out and let you know when you can come into the room
  • Email me (brendan.tierney at dit dot ie) your presentation 2 hours before your presentation time. This will allow me to have your presentation open when you come into the room and we dont have to waste time on plugging in USB keys etc

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Research Methods and Proposal Writing Demos



30th May 2012 12:00 Vincent McKenna, DT217A
30th May 2012 12:20 Andrej Bartko, DT230
30th May 2012 12:40 Robert Huczek, DT217A
30th May 2012 13:00 John Brogan, DT217
30th May 2012 13:20 Christina Shannon, DT217

30th May 2012 14:00 Chenje Cao, DT285
30th May 2012 14:20 Raj Kumar, DT286
30th May 2012 14:40 Brendan Cregan, DT230

30th May 2012 16:00 Jelena Haiduroua, DT230
30th May 2012 16:20 Garrett Duffy, DT286
30th May 2012 16:40 Liam Carey, DT217
30th May 2012 17:00 Tair Kuanyshev, DT285
30th May 2012 17:20 Lira Maricar Mariano, DT285


31st May 2012 10:20 Frank Kendlin, DT285
31st May 2012 10:40 Fatima Emmanuel, DT286
31st May 2012 11:00 Niall Dowdall, DT210
31st May 2012 11:20 David Marvroudis, DT285

31st May 2012 12:00 Victor Aduba, DT286
31st May 2012 12:20 Eloho Egivuferai, DT217A
31st May 2012 12:40 Olu Folarin, DT286

31st May 2012 14:00 Edward Robert Freyne, DT286
31st May 2012 14:20 Eamonn O'Brien, DT230
31st May 2012 14:40 Prasanth Joseph, DT286
31st May 2012 15:00 Thomas Bryne, DT285


6th June 2012 15:20 Gabriel Lawless, DT202A


11th June 2012 11:00 Leah Moriarty, DT217A
11th June 2012 11:20 Keith Ellman, DT285
11th June 2012 11:40 Liyi Wei, DT217A
11th June 2012 12:10 Marcus McQuiston, DT217


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Possible Dissertation Idea

Check out the article in the May 2012 New Scientist called, 'Making Numbers Punch their Weight'.

There might be some Data Analytics type dissertation projects using the methods covered in this article.